6 Strangest Sports You Never Thought to Bet On

As people have more access to information about the weirdest sports around the world, so our bookmakers are being increasingly creative when it comes to the options available for betting.

One must ask, what comes next? Betting on tuna tosses? Or maybe, that just has not gone mainstream yet.

Cockroach Racing

Not nearly as glamorous as horse racing. Cockroach racing is a club gambling sport. This racing takes place across the globe from Australia to Madagascar and the States.

Said to have originated at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, home to the most well known race run on Australia Day and aptly named the Australia Day Cockroach races.

This race pits the thorough bred roaches against each other for the win. Which brings me to the following question. Is there a market for racing cockroach breeders?



We all know this widely played gambling game of skill. But, what about betting not in the game, but on the players.

There are companies which now allow you to place bets on who will win, that way you can participate in a round even if you don’t know how to play the game.

So, if you’re looking for something other than the online offers, this could be it!

Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling is a highly respected sport in Japan. The prize money runs into millions of Yen for the highest ranks.

There are many online sites on which to place your bets, or you can place your bet with a sportsbook.

Just remember the sportsbook is not an odds maker, they only take the bet.

Chess Boxing

Chess is arguably one of the most challenging strategy games to be invented. Combine it with boxing and you get Chess-boxing. This strange hybrid sport lets players checkmate each other on the board or KO each other in the ring.

In total its 18 minutes of chess interrupted every three minutes by five three-minute rounds of boxing.

Players win by knock out; check mate or exceeding the time required to complete the game. A strange mix of mental and physical challenge.


Betting on your surfers is much like online horse betting.  Big wave surf competitions attract big sponsorships and big bets.

In surfing you can bet on who will take the title, which athlete or athletes will place, and even serious injuries if your bookie is feeling creative. Bit morbid, yes, but each player to their own.


A prehistoric sport. This one requires way more talent than an observer would think.

To score the teams either hurl the ball over the goal post or past the goalie into the net below. Hurling is considered the fastest, oldest field sport in the world.

One supposes that the only criteria to be able to bet on a sport will be that there is an action that will take place and that it will have a certain result. A winner or loser, a placement, potential loss of limb or even just a fast start on the track.

As long as we have entertainment we will have something to bet on. Even if that bet is just, who will win that other bet.