Free Bets And Bonuses Explained

Almost all sports books in New Zealand will offer some form of free bets or bonuses to encourage you as the bettor to either sign up or keep betting on their sites. Think of free bets or bonuses as a coupon that is used on the site, but instead of it being for a discounted product, it is in the form of a free bet. Now if you are like me, you would be a bit skeptical at first now that you know that these bonuses are marketing tactics. However, this can be used to your advantage, and this guide will dig deeper into what these bonuses entail as well as how to use them.

It takes money to win money

So before we dive into what free bets and bonuses are, lets look at how they can help you as a bettor. It takes money to win money, this is the basis of online sports betting, not only in New Zealand, but globally, in order to win big, you need to bet big. This is the first advantage that these free bets and bonuses will grant any sports bettor. These bets can act as a padding to your bankroll and allow you the opportunity to make bigger bets on these sites, especially for racing season in October that starts with the betting action. The added padding will cost you nothing but may grant you a massive payout in the end.

Free bets

Free bets are exactly as they would appear, they are free bets that are given to the bettor to place on whichever sports they so choose, these bets have no risk to the bettor as they are being provided by the online sports betting site. These are good to use for any bettor that wants to try out an online betting site or for any person that wants to make their first bet to find out how online betting works.


Bonuses are not vastly different from free bets at any of New Zealand’s top online sports betting platforms. However these are offered to bettors throughout their betting experience and are usually unlocked when a bettor performs an action or achieves a certain goal. The most popular bonus that is available to all bettors in New Zealand is the sign up bonus, this is granted to a any person that signs up with the online betting site and will differ from site to site.

Tips and tricks to remember

It is important for any bettor to remember that no all sites offer the same value when it comes to free bets and bonuses, often times these bets will come with their own odds such as the bettor will only receive the payout of the profited amount and not the initial amount should the free bet be successful. The top online betting sites in New Zealand will have these terms and conditions freely available for any bettor to read. Making use of free bets and bonuses is the best way for any bettor to make their bets last longer and go further.