All About Traditional Blackjack

Classic Australian blackjack sites, or traditional blackjack, is the most popular of the versions of the game of Twenty-one. This is the version most people learnt when they began playing blackjack. Blackjack rules can differ slightly from casino to casino, and this does affect the odds.

Traditional blackjack is played with a standard card deck. In most cases it is played with a multi deck, but the range is anywhere from one deck to eight. If all other rules are the same, then increasing the number of decks in the shoe will increase the house edge, as players will not be able to make decisions based on exposed cards. In a land based casino the blackjack table will have between one and seven players, but at an online casino you can choose multi player games or play at your own table.

The Rules of Blackjack

In traditional blackjack, two cards are dealt to the player, and two cards to the dealer. One of the dealer’s cards is face down, the other face up. The hand that matches or gets closest to 21, without going over that number, is the winner. After the initial deal, the player can ask for additional cards, which is called hitting. If the player decides not to have any new cards, he is said to be standing. Knowing when to hit or stand is where most of the basic strategy of traditional blackjack lies. The term blackjack is used for a hand which equals 21, specifically a hand which equals 21 with only two cards. This is a natural, and happens only when you receive an ace and a ten on the first deal. In traditional blackjack, you can’t lose when you get a hand like that.

Doubling Your Bet

Casino mate NZ Classic blackjack allows you to double your bet if you receive a particularly favourable hand. Some casinos will only allow doubled bets on a 9, 10 or 11. Others will restrict doubled bets after splitting a pair. This bet will shift the odds, either in your favour or the casino’s favour, so it pays to make sure of all the implications to each rule.

Some players prefer the single deck game, as it can be the best bargain in the casino. Some players also prefer the idea that the cards are dealt by a dealer instead of from the shoe. Card counters always seek out these games because having only a few cards out of the deck can tell them a lot about the remaining cards in the deck. Every deck added increases the house edge. A single deck game of blackjack can increase your odds significantly over the eight deck game.

Surrender Rules

The player is allowed to leave an unfavourable hand, by the surrender rules in blackjack. You will lose half your bet when you surrender, but it makes sense to surrender when the odds are heavily against you.

To play online blackjack is not only because its a game of luck, it is also a game of strategies. By learning the basic strategy you will be able to make the best plays on each hand you are dealt. It may not assure you of a victory, but it may increase the odds in your favour. This is what makes everyone enjoy the game of traditional blackjack, high rollers, professional casino players and beginners alike. Understanding all the rules and strategies will help you to master the game, and enable you to en joy it even more.