Most Popular Horse Racing Bets Reviewed

Horse Racing and wagering go together like mac and cheese, and you’ll be glad to know that it’s really easy to get started staking! Thanks to how commonplace quality online bookmakers are becoming, the next big win is never further away than your smartphone, tablet, or desktop!

Straight Bets

A Straight wager is the simplest pick a bettor can make. All you’ll need to do is choose one outcome.


Win stakes are exactly what they sound like! You’ll need to correctly guess which of the horses taking part will finish the race first.


Place bets require that you predict which horse will finish or second. If your animal does, you’ll collect a return.


Show bets see you getting a payout when your horse comes in first, second, or third over the finish line.

Each Way

If you know you’re looking at a great horse, but don’t quite know if he’s great enough, choose the Each Way wager when you’re staking on him. As long as he finishes in first or second place, you’ll win.

Exotic Wagers

Once you’ve got a handle on the simple Straight stakes, why not explore your Exotic bet options? While they are a little more complicated, they also offer bigger returns.

Daily Double

You’ll be asked to correctly name the winner of two consecutive Horse Races.

Pick 3

A Pick 3 can be described as a three-race parlay in which you’ll need to correctly predict the winner of 3 successive contests.

Whatever the minimum wager is at the bookmaker you’ve signed up with will be how much the Pick 3 costs, even though it’s technically a parlay, not a single stake. This makes for a great change from conventional sports parlays, where you would have to bet the bookie’s minimum wager on each consecutive leg.

Horse racing lets you choose a Pick 3 Parlay that counts as just one stake. You won’t have to construct it yourself either, as you do when it comes to certain sports.

If the Pick 3 bets cost a single unit, then you’ll be doing so on three races instead of just one.

Pick 4

These wagers ask that the winner of four successive races be named correctly.

Pick 5

Why not take things up a notch and choose the winner of five races in a row? As expensive as this stake may be, it’s rewards match these to a T.

Pick 6

Here you’ll need to name the winner of six races in a row. Remember, with these parlays, each one of your bets has to win before you see a payout. That’s why the rewards are as high as they are. The risks are big too.

Mankind has been having fun at the races for hundreds of years now and we’re pretty sure we’ll continue to do so for a while yet. Thanks to online bookmakers and live streaming, a world of unimaginably good entertainment is in the palm of our hands, in the form of smartphones and tablets, or on our desks.