Multiple Action Blackjack a Casino Classic Variation

So with all the variations of different classic casino games surfacing around the world, with particular help from the internet by offering these games to players most everywhere, players are spoiled for choice on the different possibilities available to them. If the standard versions of the game just don’t have that same flair they used to or if players simply want to mix things up, there will be a variation awaiting them.

This variant here is based on the casino game of blackjack and whilst still mostly the same game, features some interesting new betting and game play that certainly mixes up the game table. Multiple Action Blackjack allows players the possibility of making up to 3 bets on a single hand, where the dealer then resets his hand back to the first card after each round. Sounds like quite a bit of fun.

Playing Multiple Action Blackjack with Knowledge

As much as this is a game based on another game the two do have some differences and whilst players will likely be able to jump right into the game, especially if they’re already well versed in classic blackjack, a few of the most unique rules can help things along. First off the game of Multiple Action Blackjack requires players to place a minimum of 2 bets to start the game, with an optional third bet available.

Players make these bets and the cards are dealt out. The players are each given a single hand and the dealer’s first card is placed upright as per the classic. Then the game is played and players are able to do the usual range of blackjack options like hit, stand, split or double.

Once the final stand has been made by the players the dealer turns their second card face up and the game is settled. However this is where Multiple Action Blackjack gets its name from and instead of discarding all the rounds cards the dealer simply removes the cards added to their initial face up card and another round, for the second bet, occurs.

This happens up to 3 times, depending on the initial number of bets and players get their total winnings after all the bets have been concluded. This makes the game rather interesting, especially because the players must remain with their cards throughout the remaining bets and should they go bust on the initial round they lose all remaining best NBA bets. So there is some risk, but play the game as one would a game of classic blackjack and the wins will still follow.

Connections with Multiple Action Blackjack and Classic

So apart from the linked bets that this variation is based around, the game itself is still played very similar to classic blackjack. The objective is still to get as close to 21 points as possible without going over or losing to the dealer. Players can still split same valued cards into two hands and then play on both through the multiple bets. The game is also played with several 52 card decks, which do not get shuffled into the deck after each round. It seems Multiple Action Blackjack has only upsides.