We’ve all been looking for a Slot that is Kick-Ass

If there’s a theme that online slots players love above all others it’s the superhero genre – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, and the rest of the Superhuman Crew all have numerous video slots to their credit.

So, what kind of online video slots developer would 1×2 Gaming be if they didn’t have at least one super slot in their repertoire? The Kickass slot satisfies the tastes of players who are fans of both the developer and the genre.

With the usual five reels and 25 paylines, the Kickass slot has a 500-coin jackpot, which players can get in line for by wagering between 0.05 and 750.00 credits per spin. This gives the Kickass slot a nice broad risk profile catering to both experienced and inexperienced players.

Retro Comic Strip Style Reels

1×2 Gaming have really gone to town with the Kickass slot theme, which has all the elements of a vintage 1970s superhero comic book. The deep blue night sky backdrop depicts a dim cityscape with various characters doing their hero thing.

With action shots of each of the heroes – which include unique 1×2 characters Kid Fantastic, Inverto Girl, Flare Man and The Enforcer – each Kickass slot looks just like a white-bordered frame in a comic strip.

The brightly colourful Kickass slot even includes white thought, speech and storyline bubbles and any symbols containing words – such as the wild – are stylised to resemble the words, like “Wham!”, “Pow!” and “Clash!”, you’d expect to see in a traditional comic book.

Even the Kickass slot soundtrack has a 70s Action feel to it – think Charlie’s Angels or Knight Rider – and, although it is a little repetitive, is fairly subtle so it doesn’t become quite as irritating as those of some other 1×2 titles.

The Mysterious Multiplier Man

In addition to the various heroes who appear on the Kickass slot reels, there is another champion of the player who prefers to remain in the shadows. This is the mysterious Multiplier Man who lurks in the top right-hand-side corner of the screen and collects multipliers every time a Kickass slot win includes the symbol of this shadowy figure.

For each such win, the Multiplier Man stores one multiplier until a maximum 5x multiplier has been accumulated.

Note that players only have five spins in which to reach their 5x multiplier – so they must be consecutive. If they are unable to achieve this, they must start all over again as the Kickass slot multiplier tally is reset to zero.

Wild Symbol Packs a Punch

As mentioned, the Kickass slot wild symbol is stylised to look exactly like an action word in a comic book. So look out for the bright red Wild because it has its very own super power. It can replace any other standard symbol to help create winning combinations.

Meanwhile, During the Free Spins Round…

Poof! Free spins! In order to win Kickass slot free spins, Australian real money online pokies players must land three or more free spins symbols. The number of free spins awarded depends on the number of symbols landed:

  • Three symbols: 5 free spins
  • Four symbols: 10 free spins
  • Five symbols: 15 free spins

Note that Kickass slot free spins cannot be retriggered while in play.

Ka-Boom! A Bonus Scatter!

During the free spins round, a special online casino bonus available scatter symbol may appear to trigger prizes of up to 90 times the bet stake.

Bear in mind that the Multiplier Man can’t help you during the bonus Kickass slot round.