A Comprehensive Look at Microgaming Releasing Avalon II in 2014

Microgaming to Release Avalon II in 2014 after the success of the first installation of the franchise says a release by the software manufacturer.

The original slot, Avalon, was based on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. In the legend, Avalon was actually the place that the legendary sword Excalibur was forged. It was also the place that King Arthur recovered after the very taxing and intense battle of Camlann. While it is a fictional place which was created by the author of the book, it has none the less been utilised by Microgaming as the setting for the original Avalon online slot as well as Avalon II, the sequel.

Avalon II

The second installation in this franchise by Microgaming is putting a much larger emphasis on realism. The art style in this five reel and two hundred and forty three payline game is a realistic three dimensional style that has more serious and foreboding overtones than its predecessor. Microgaming to Release Avalon II in 2014 gives the player a timeline as to when they can expect this game to be released.

Screenshots showing Microgaming to Release Avalon II in 2014 show that behind the reels, the player can see two large statues of hooded figured set in a grassy and wooded area. The sky is grey and clouds are billowing in the distance. To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see that this slot offers two hundred and forty three ways for the player to win. Below the reels, the player is given information about the slot. Credits, bet and win are all shown along with both autoplay and spin buttons. The player’s bet can be adjusted by pushing the left and right arrows.

Microgaming to Release Avalon II in 2014 includes symbols taken directly from the legend of King Arthur. The first and most valuable symbol is the Avalon II symbol. The second most valuable symbol is King Arthur himself. He is dressed in his full battle armour and is featured on an orange and red background. The third most valuable symbol is Guinevere. She can be seen with her brown on a blue background. The fourth most valuable symbol is Morgan. She is in a black cloak with a green background. The least valuable symbol in this slot is the black knight. He is in full armour and is on a purple and black background.

Bonus Features

The bonus features listed for this slot include both the grail quest feature as well as the Merlin bonus. The Merlin bonus is a bonus feature which appears at random and will give the player a reward in the form of either a multiplier for their winnings or a cash prize.

If the player lands three Holy Grail symbols anywhere on the reels, they will activate the grail quest feature. Within this feature is a series of games that the player will play. Like esports bets online, the games are played in a specific order each time the bonus is activated and there are total of six of them.