Everything You Need To Know About Online Blackjack Promotions

There is a huge variety of blackjack promotions available online; there are a few common variants that online casino and blackjack sites offer. These promotions not only encourage new players to join sites, but also retain existing players.

Blackjack Loyalty Promotions

Loyalty promotions are easily the most common blackjack promotions available. Pretty much every online gambling in Canada site will include some variation on this idea. These promotions became a standard feature in brick and mortar casinos with the use of a physical loyalty card that would get points loaded onto it when you swipe the card at tables, at the restaurant and bar or when checking into specific hotels. Online however this system is simplified to simply registering a profile on a site.

The site themselves will keep track of your gaming and wagering activity and reward players accordingly. These loyalty points will only be awarded to players who make real money wagers and the points earned will often be used in exchange for cash or prizes. These can vary from cash being paid into your site account for you to make wagers with or they can be used in exchange for entry to exclusive blackjack tournaments or free spins on slot titles. These promotions are very effective with customer retention as players are awarded as they play. The more you play and the bigger your wagers, the more points you earn.

Instant Prize Promotions

Many Casinos give players random weekly rewards. These can take the form of a lottery style draw or rewarding the highest rollers on the online baccarat site that week. Entry into these weekly or monthly draws can be totally random, it can apply to only new players, but more often than not there are strict requirements for eligibility.

Often a site will have a specific tier of customers called VIP’s. These would include customers who have wagered a certain total amount with the site. VIP’s usually are immediately eligible to be part of these draws. Many sites also feature physical prizes like televisions or free trips on five star cruise liners. Another common free gift on casino gaming sites is the offer of free spins on certain slot titles. This cross promotion helps introduce card and other table game players to a possible new world of gaming fun.

Wager And Deposit Match Promotions

Another popular promotional activity is where a site will match the amount you deposit into your account or the amount you wager on a specific game. They can either watch your wager 100% or a certain percentage of it. These promotions can be run during certain times of the week, for instance if Wednesdays are slow days for the site, they will use these promotions to encourage more traffic on the site.

First Deposit Bonuses

The most common however is using these promotions during a new player’s first wager. The site will usually match your first deposit, essentially doubling your total amount to wager. Many sites also offer the same promotions on second and even third deposits if they are equal to or higher than a specified minimum deposit limit. The catch with these are that before you can withdraw money from your account, you would have to have wagered an amount equal to a specified percentage of your total deposit.