A Rake Race is a Really Sensible Bonus

The rake is the commission taken by all poker rooms, online or land-based when a poker game is being played at their venue. The rake comes into play the moment the pot is exceeds a specific amount. The better, more reputable and obviously busier poker rooms usually take a maximum of 5% rake at the poker tables. This rake provides the funding that the poker site will use to fund the poker promotions they offer, support the deposit bonuses they give away and generally aid with poker room profitability.

Quite clearly, the more poker that one plays, the higher the rake will be, and this can add up quite significantly. Brick and mortar casinos have higher costs, but online casinos are able to offer players rackeback bonus of various amounts as well as rake races as rewards for playing there.

Rakeback in Poker

Rakeback is a refund to poker players, and is particularly effective if they playing decent amounts of poker. The amount of rakeback is usually 25-30% of the rake, but this can increase depending on the poker room being played at and the amount of poker being played. This bonus feature reaches its maximum during a poker race.

There are two different types of rake. There is dealt rake and contributed rake, and players should always be satisfied with the method that they are playing because the difference is quite significant. In dealt rake, provided the player is dealt cards at the beginning of the hand, they will have their share of the actual generated rake in the pot. The contributed rake system only calculates the rake based on the players’ actual contribution to the pot.

The Benefits of a Rake Race

The best rake-based bonus is a rake race. This is a competition organized by poker and online baccarat Canada websites, whereby the players race to generate the most rake. The rake is obviously generate by playing poker at the poker rooms. By generating rake and participating in as much poker as possible, players increase their level of rake. Depending on the type of the rake race, the winner is the player to generate the most rake in a given time frame.

The most common types of rake race are the standard rake race, the raked hand race and a points race. The standard rake race is based on the players’ contribution, and their position leaderboard is determined by the amount of rake generated. In a raked hand race, the winner is the person to have played the most raked hands in the given period. The actual rake volume is not important. A points race is really just an adaption of the standard rake race. The amount of rake generated is converted to points, and the leaderboard reflects points, rather than an amount.

Reasons for Playing a Rake Race

Participating in rake races and getting rakeback is sensible if playing much poker for it maximizes poker profits. It is, however, important to know how to play multi-table online poker. Playing at more than a single table generates more rake. Players have been known to use poker tracking software to assist them, not only in managing multiple tables but also with decision-making and knowing the odds they are facing.