Double Double Jackpot Online Video Poker

Double Double Jackpot is an online video poker game that was developed by Realtime Gaming who are known to be leading software developers. The game features special four of a kind pay outs and a double or nothing bonus game. The lowest valued poker combination is a pair of jacks. Anything higher including the standard poker combinations pay out according to the pay table with the royal flush being the highest paying combination that pays out the highest amount of 4 000 coins. All of the other winning combinations pay out anything from one coin up to 1 250 coins depending on the combinations ranking and the number of coins bet.

The Double Double Jackpot software by Realtime Gaming can be downloaded and played for real money or for fun in the free play mode. The game is playable in a single hand or multi-hand version where up to one hundred hands can be played simultaneously.

Betting Options and Game Rules

Double Double Jackpot has a betting range of one to five coins that can be bet per hand. Each coin can be worth a minimum denomination of 0.05 up to the maximum denomination of 5.00 making the maximum bet allowed per hand a value of 25.00.

When the bets are placed the deal button is pressed on to have the first five cards dealt face up. Any of the cards that either form or show potential to form a winning combination can be held by clicking on them. The rest of the cards will then be discarded when the draw button is pressed which will also replace them with the real money blackjack online final cards. If the multi-hand version is being played then the additional hands will have the same cards as those that are held. Once all the hands have the final five cards in place any winning poker combination will be shown in the Double Double Jackpot pay table on the left hand side of the screen.

Four of a Kind Bonus Pay Outs

Double Double Jackpot has the standard poker combinations that are paid out according to the game’s pay table. The games at cricket betting sites does feature special four of a kind combinations that offer special pay outs. These combinations include four of a kind aces with a with a two, three or four card; four of a kind two, three or four cards with an ace card; four of a kind aces; four of a kind two, three or four cards and four of a kind five cards through to the king cards. These are high valued poker combinations that fall below a royal flush.

The Double or Nothing Bonus Feature

When a winning poker hand is paid out, the Double Double Jackpot video poker double or nothing bonus feature is playable. Here four cards are dealt face down. One card is selected and revealed and must have a value higher than the dealers visible card in order to double the winning amount. If the card shows itself to be of a lower value then the winning amount is lost.