Best Sports To Bet On All Year Round

Sports betting is the biggest industry of betting available and has become ingrained in many cultures as an enjoyable pastime and a great way to make money too. While not every bettor takes the appropriate steps to make the venture profitable, it does not stop anybody from enjoying the pastime and putting a wager on a game they really enjoy. For those who use sports betting to make some extra money, it’s fantastic to be able to bet on a sport that runs throughout the year with a healthy number of games. Below find the best sports to bet on throughout the year.



Football has always been a fan favourite and is currently the biggest betting sport in the world. While no single championship extends through the whole year, if you can get to know a few separate leagues, there will be a bet available for you almost every day of the year. Football with this fantastic timeline, easily available information and millions of avid fans is a fantastic sport for any skill level bettor to try out. Before you commit to betting throughout the whole year, be sure to know the leagues that you are betting on. As with all sports betting, information is key.


Golf is often considered a betting sport for avid fans of the sport, let me assure you that this is not the case. The PGA tour especially is a fantastic with very easy to come by information, great consistency and a limited number of front runners. The best part, though? The PGA tour spans a fantastic 93% of the year. While there is not bets to be had every single day, it’s a great time table for any bettors who would like to take some time to do appropriate research while still being able to bet throughout the year. Unlike in football, the single PGA tour lasting this long makes research much easier as you will not be needing to focus on separate leagues.


Another sport likely not to be expected by amateur sports bettors, tennis is in-fact a fantastic sport for anybody who intends to bet throughout the year. With the ATP World tour running a fantastic 86% of the year, this provides a similar situation to what we see in the Golf PGA tour. A single tournament giving us fantastic research ability. Tennis at this level tends to be consistent and well reported on, making it a great sport for any bettor to get involved in.

Final Thoughts

When trying to find a sport to bet on throughout the year, the ideal situation would be to find sports with longer-running single leagues or tournaments. These extended leagues will make research a lot easier.