Biggest Horse Races Annually

Horse racing is not only one of the oldest sports available, but remains a huge sport with a massive following worldwide. Thousands of races across the globe make up one of the most prestigious sports around today. That said, some of these races stand above others. Below are the four biggest annual events in horse racing in no particular order.

  1. Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the most popular horse race held in the United States every year. With a rich 146 yearlong heritage it is one of the longest-standing events available. Racing takes place for two weeks usually held from the first weekend in May, the exact date can vary slightly so be sure to check next year’s dates.

The derby is an interesting format as stemming from late 1800’s derbies were reserved for horses to a maximum of three years old, it is still common to have a horse compete for two consecutive years at two and three years old respectively.

With a total prize pool of just over $3 million, it is not the highest paying race available but still remains an extremely prestigious race to complete in.

  1. The Breeders Cup

The Breeders Cup is another in the line of prestigious events. The breeders cup however sets itself apart by being held in a different place every year. It is slightly newer than the rest of the horse races in this calibre, since its first inception in 1984 the breeders cup has grown drastically to become one of the most popular racing events available. Usually taking place in late October to early November for a two day event, the breeders cup consists of 14 individual races to make up the full event.

The breeders cup prize pool is high compared to other races with a straggling $28 million going out to the respective participants

  1. Prix de I ‘Arc de Triomphe

Likely the most prestigious race held in Europe, the Prix de I ‘Arc de Triomphe was first held in 1920 giving it a long history with some of the most impressive horse racing seen in the world. This one day long event can be host horses of three years of age and up. There is no consistent amount of horses that compete and this figure will likely change year on year.

The Prix de I ‘Arc de Triomphe boasts an impressive prize pool reaching just over $6 million of which more than half is awarded to the event winner.

  1. Dubai World Cup

The newest race on this list but by no means the smallest. The Dubai World Cup is about as prestigious as horse racing gets. The initial races in 1996 lead to the fastest growing horse racing event in the world. Held in Dubai every year at the Meydan racecourse this single day event comprises of nine separate races.

A staggering prize pool of over $12 million sets this to be great competition for the participants and spectators alike.