Excalibur Hotel And Casino

Excalibur is a hotel and casino complex located in the iconic Las Vegas entertainment zone. It is well known for not only having a prominent medieval theme, which can be experienced in the dining and entertainment facilities, but also for having an impressive variety of relaxation and entertainment services under a single roof. Whether guests would like to enjoy a swords and shields showdown between apposing armoured knights with their meal, or relax in a conveniently nearby health spa, it is all possible without ever having to take a single step beyond the Excalibur complex.

Best of all, Excalibur doesn’t limit itself just to a medieval theme, and is happy to branch out and offer shows that include stand up comedians, acclaimed bands, and even a few spellbinding magicians. Bookings are possible via the website, with packages offered that include a show and accommodation. Take note, however, that the more popular shows should be booked for well in advance, as tickets cannot be guaranteed on the night of performance.

Dining Facilities

The majority of people who stay at Excalibur opt to experience the meal and a show package, which is famous for having trained performers dazzle audiences by recreating medieval battles, all while meals and drinks are delivered to spectators. The cuisine, although designed to reflect the medieval era, is still of highest quality and sure to please guests from across the world. If, however, medieval is not your cup of tea, instead consider visiting the Steakhouse at Camelot.

This charming location features a setting straight out of the King Arthur legend, with decorations that would be at home in a museum, but is more liberal about what knights may or may not have eaten at the round table. The menu is vast, varied, and aims to accommodate visitors from all walks of life. There are a number of other eating venues to choose from, including Baja Fresh, which specialises in Mexican dishes. Whichever venue you decide to try, remember that every venue is accessible without having to leave the main complex, and is hence never more then a short walk away.


Casino Facilities

King Arthur may have not played at the best online casino NZ with the Knights of the Round Table, but Excalibur is happy to provide the service for guests who desire to test their luck. In terms of traditional casino games, Excalibur has all the expected classics, including roulette, blackjack, poker, and a healthy selection of slot games. But, in its quest to provide maximum variety, Excalibur also has an on the premises sports betting facility. This facility allows guests to not only instantly place bets on a sporting event of their choice, but also to watch the event as it takes place, live in the casino. Don’t forget that Excalibur also has a VIP loyalty club, which rewards customers who return on a regular basis. TO learn more about the VIP club, and to see if you qualify, visit the appropriate page on the website or contact the casino directly. Be sure to have proof of identification handy when applying for a VIP club membership.