Main Reasons Why eSports Betting Is So Popular

eSports betting is relativity new to the betting scene. eSports itself only having a considerable popularity boom within the last 10 years brings us a relatively fresh sport to bet on. Don’t let the new nature of eSports fool you though, in the few years that eSports have been growing, the growth rate has been astronomical.

Along with eSport growth, has come a betting market keen for new opportunities and something interesting to bet on. Esports has fit the roll perfectly. Below are a few reasons as to why eSports betting has grown as much as it has.


eSports in itself if not only one game but a culmination of many games that fall under the same category. Think of it like the Olympics. One overall category, but the sports within it require completely different skill sets from participants. With this variety, everybody is catered for.


Doing research on eSports games is possibly easier than any other nature of sports betting, there are several great avenues to try and accomplish your research and information needs.

  • Twitch – Live streaming on a platform like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook gaming has become common ground in the gaming arena. Most eSports professionals do stream as well for an extra income. During these streams you can get a great idea of strategy, play style and the current mindset of the players. In team based eSports games the practice will be less accessible by the general public, but single or solo players generally offer great streams where a lot of research can be done.
  • History – Esports games are generally streamed on platforms like twitch and the above mentioned. Meaning that it is extremely easy to go and re-watch old games at any time. This is extremely convenient when playing against a team you don’t know too well. All of their history is a few clicks away.
  • Accessibility – The streaming platforms all of this is hosted on are free to use. The only monetisation you may be forced to deal with is the odd advert. All the information you could need to use is free and very easily accessible.
  • Game availability – Some people may join eSports for the multitude of bets available, on the other side of the same coin is those that will join betting for the enjoyment of the games. For these players, knowledge of the game comes as a second nature. Knowing strategy and research is easy when you know the game inside out from playing it yourself.

Knowing The Games

One of the best highlights of eSports betting is the availability of all the games to everybody. From first-person shooters to strategy games, it’s all available. The ability to play the games in the exact fashion as the professionals you are betting on is a fantastic way to increase your overall game knowledge of the game. Being able to read the game and know the strategies from your own use is a game changer for winning your bets.