How To Win Big With Free Bets And Betting Bonuses

Free bets and betting bonuses have become a staple in the online betting community. The free bets and bonuses have mainly started from increasing competition between betting sites trying to lure in more customers, this however has given normal bettors some great opportunities and value propositions we have never had before.

Types of Bonuses

There are several types of bonuses that are offered by betting websites. Below we will go over the different types of bonuses and ideal use cases.

  • Deposit bonuses – These are potentially the most lucrative of bonuses available if you are already intent on signing up to a new sportsbook. Deposit bonuses will often match your first deposit amount to a certain amount. The amount is usually capped, but that is no reason to not take full advantage of these bonuses. Unlike other forms of bonuses, deposit bonuses usually don’t have much in the way of requirements which leads to some great bets to be had for free.
  • Sign up bonus – These are great for anybody curious to try a new sportsbook, but not willing to invest money in before trying. Sign up bonuses usually entail a fixed amount of money being given to your account when registering a new account. This is a fantastic way to try a new sportsbook and potentially make some money as well. Sign up bonuses usually come with some nature of requirements like bets needing to be placed in a certain time frame. With zero risk to your own bankroll, sign up bonuses are always a great choice.
  • Reload bonuses – Reload bonuses are similar to an initial deposit bonuses, only they cover one or more additional deposits as well. The percentage is usually repetitively small compared to that of a deposit bonus but is still great when used effectively with a sign up or deposit bonus in tow.
  • Free bets – Free bet bonuses are exactly what they sound like, free bets. This is an excellent type of bonus especially for those who are interested in taking one or two more risky bets. It is worth noting that free bets are usually only supplied after a certain amount wagered is achieved. Free bets should not be prioritised over deposit bonuses.

Betting With Free Money

Just because the bets are free, doesn’t mean they should be reckless. Sensible betting is always advised. Do proper research and bet when you find good value. Stick to sports you know and on leagues you know, to help make your free bets count. Be sure to know how to find value and how to calculate odds too.

Final Thoughts

All of the bonuses offered on a sportsbook can go a long way in ensuring your success if approached with a good plan and solid betting practice.