How To Maximize Baseball Betting Wins

Betting on baseball can be a great way to make some extra money while enjoying a sport that you love, but this extra money doesn’t always come to everybody. Below we will cover a few ways in which you can maximize your baseball wins and come out profitable on the other side.

Focus On Fewer Teams

In baseball at a professional level, during the 6 month season, you will be inundated with matches practically every day with some days having more than one match as well. Doing research and having great knowledge on the games happening on a daily basis is near impossible for an average bettor.

Pick out a few teams to focus on and don’t stretch yourself too far in this regard, remember you will need to research their competitors as well. Limiting the teams you choose to bet on will help with not only your running team knowledge, but will make research a lot easier too. Quantity of bets you place will only work to your detriment if you are not placing the right bets with well thought out predictions.

Fade The Public

This is not always recommended as a permanent betting strategy. However, if you are adamant to take a bet and do not have the research to back it up, fading the public does have its merits. The idea behind fading the public is to bet against teams with larger more prominent followings. Sport fans will tend to bet for their favourite teams, driving a sportsbooks odds in the opposed teams favour. This will do nothing to ensure the opposite teams win, but will give you a fantastic value to your bet. These skewed odds can help you turn a profit even if you are only winning 30% of the bets placed.

The main trick with fading the public will be to find the appropriate matches. Teams with avid followings like the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox are more likely to attract bets from their own fans rather than bettors who have done the appropriate research. When a team like the New York Yankees takes on a less favoured team like the Colorado Rockies. While the Yankees will be likely to walk away with a victory, the sheer number of fans who will avidly bet on the Yankees will force sportsbooks to change the odds more and more against the Yankees. This, in turn, will lead to the Rockies having a fantastic value proposition where the financial risk is well worth the reward.

Money Management

Managing your money is potentially the most important skill a bettor can have. It is always good practice to bet only 2% of your bankroll on a single event. While this is good practice for professionals, if betting is not your main source of income and you are not dependent on the money, these lines can be blurred to up to 10% of your bankroll. Never bet money you are not able to lose and only ever bet when you find value which makes the bet worth it.